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Doors Open

1:30 PM

Welcome, MCs​

  • Kanako Yamagami, TOMODACHI MetLife Women’s Leadership Program 

  • Tristan Norman, TOMODACHI Kakehashi Inouye Scholars Program 

Opening Plenary: Let's MOVE Together for the Future of U.S.-Japan Relations

2:00 PM

Join us to kick of the Summit with the Opening Plenary, "Let's MOVE Together for the Future of U.S.-Japan Relations" where we will explore how the dynamic youths of today are not only envisioning but also shaping the future of U.S.-Japan relations. 

  • Mark IkenoU.S.-Japan Council, Executive Director

  • Masaaki Kataoka, Prudential Holdings of Japan, Financial Management Senior Officer 

  • Philip Roskamp, U.S. Embassy Tokyo, Minister Counsellor of Public Affairs [Video Recording]

Panel: "Bridging Borders: The Transformative Power of the U.S.-Japan Study Abroad Experience"

2:15 PM

Bridging Borders: The Transformative Power of the U.S.-Japan Study Abroad Experience

Join us as we explore the power of cross-cultural understanding through study abroad programs between the United States and Japan. This session will delve into personal experiences, discuss the benefits and challenges of studying abroad, and illuminate how these programs help shape future leaders. We will also explore how these opportunities not only serve as an educational experience but also as a crucial conduit for improving bilateral relations.

  • Moderator: Hiroko Okutani, Building the TOMODACHI Generation: Morgan Stanley Ambassadors Program

  • Panelists:

    • Marina Yoshimura, Toshizo Watanabe​ Study Abroad Scholarship Program​

    • Tokuyasu Endo, TOMODACHI Sumitomo Corporation Scholarship Program

    • Shunsuke Hayasaka, TOMODACHI Summer SoftBank Leadership Program

Panel: "Empowering Voices: The Role of Women in Shaping the Future of U.S.-Japan Relations"

3:10 PM

Empowering Voices: The Role of Women in Shaping the Future of U.S.-Japan Relations

This panel aims to shed light on the vital role that women play in shaping and strengthening U.S.-Japan relations. Hear from influential women in the TOMODACHI community as they share their experiences, discuss the importance of women's empowerment, and explore how women's voices and leadership can affect change in both countries. This session will also look at the challenges women face and strategies for overcoming these obstacles to create a more equitable future.

  • Moderator: Dr. Curtiss Takada Rooks, Assistant Professor, Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, Loyola Marymount University; U.S.-Japan Council Board Member

  • Panelists: 

    • Miku Yoshiba, TOMODACHI Metlife Women’s Leadership Program

    • Ayaka Kasamatsu, TOMODACHI STEM Women’s Leadership & Research Program

    • Naha Takashima, U.S. Embassy-Keio SFC-TOMODACHI Entrepreneurship Seminar

Breakout Sessions

4:00 PM

Delve deeper into the conference themes with our carefully curated breakout sessions. Each session is designed to engage and empower attendees with insightful discussions and practical tools.

Breakout Session #1
Unleashing Your Leadership Potential: Defining Your Unique Style and Reflecting on Experiences

Unleashing Your Leadership Potential: Defining Your Unique Style and Reflecting on Experiences

This workshop offers a dynamic platform for participants to explore and cultivate their personal leadership style. Through interactive discussions and self-reflection exercises, this workshop encourages individuals to uncover their innate strengths, values, and leadership philosophies. By examining past experiences and learning from diverse perspectives, participants gain valuable insights that enable them to become more effective leaders. Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, honing our leadership abilities, and charting a course for personal and professional growth. Together, let's unleash our leadership potential and make a positive impact in our communities and beyond.

  • Yoichi Suzuki, Executive Board Director, Wake Up Japan

Breakout Session #2
Future-Proof Your Life: Mastering Life Planning and Financial Literacy

Future-Proof Your Life: Mastering Life Planning and Financial Literacy

As life planning is different by person, financial planning could also be different by person. This session offers participants an opportunity to learn about the fundamental principle of financial planning. We will discuss together why it is important to plan your finances in conjunction with life events based on the recent economic environments surrounding Japan. Led by experts from Prudential, this engaging breakout session provides the practical knowledge to enhance financial literacy and life planning skills. We hope these knowledges will be of help to you in your path to future.

  • Kyohei Shimizu, Sales Manager, Shutoken 6 Agency, Prudential Financial Insurance Co., Ltd.

Breakout Session #3
Our Journey to the Boardroom: Follow Your Heart & Unlock Your Potential

Our Journey to the Boardroom: Follow Your Heart & Unlock Your Potential

We delve into the vital role of women in governance, with a specific focus on their representation on boards and the profound impact of diversity on sustainability. This breakout session brings together two esteemed leaders and experts who have championed women's empowerment and are leading their industries in their respective roles. Through engaging discussions and real-world insights, participants will explore the challenges and opportunities faced by women and delve into the instrumental role diversity plays in shaping sustainable and resilient organizations. Discover strategies, best practices, and success stories that empower women to claim their seats at the table, fostering inclusive decision-making and paving the way for a more prosperous and equitable future. Join us as we explore the transformative power of women's leadership in governance and the imperative of diversity for sustainable impact.

  • Miyuki Tani, Executive Director of Morgan Stanley Capital K.K.; U.S.-Japan Council (Japan) Board Member 

  • Norie Iwamoto, Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Aarata LLC; U.S.-Japan Council (Japan) Internal Auditor 

Breakout Session #4
Japanese American Storytelling

Japanese American Storytelling

This session welcomes speakers from the Japanese American Storytelling Program (JASP), a signature program of the U.S.-Japan Council. 
JASP presentations utilize the art of storytelling woven with many opportunities for students to engage in discussions throughout each presentation. The stories are personal histories, making each one of them unique. JASP seeks to strengthen the relationship between Japan and the United States by connecting the past with the present to create a better future. JASP believes it is crucial to nurture university students in Japan towards a global perspective through inspiring personal stories.

  • Anna Nagamine, Manager, Business Development Section, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST); U.S.-Japan Council Member

  • Yuhka Mera, Consultant, U.S.-Japan Council Member

Evening Reception: Celebrating 10 Years of Partnership with Prudential

6:00 PM

Join us for a special evening as we celebrate 10 years of partnership with Prudential. This event honors the remarkable journey we've embarked upon together, a decade-long partnership that has brought to life the TOMODACHI Alumni Leadership Program.

  • Suzanne Basalla, President and Chief Executive Officer, U.S.-Japan Council 

  • Raymond Greene, Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy Tokyo

  • Jonathan Graybill, President & COO, Prudential Holdings of Japan; SVP, Prudential International Insurance)

  • Yuuki Sato, TOMODACHI Summer 2016 Softbank Leadership Program

  • Miku Hayashida, TOMODACHI Story Jam for Youth with Disabilities 

  • MUTO Akira, Assistant Minister (Ambassador), Director-General, Foreign Service Training Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

  • Irina Menshikova, President, Amway Japan

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