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Share your Community Action Moonshot

Provide opportunities for alumni to voice their current passions, actions, and moonshots in front of fellow alumni and business leaders. Showcase exceptional young leaders from the TOMODACHI alumni community. Promote a safe environment for alumni to share their moonshots with others. Empower the TOMODACHI community to be more sustainable by creating a cycle of paying it forward and giving back.

Speaker Applications Open

  1. High school seniors to young professionals (ages 17 - 29)

  2. TOMODACHI alumni

  3. ​For more details, please refer to the bottom of the page.

  4. Deadline: July 12


Pitch Details

  • There are going to be two TOMO Voice sessions.

  • Three speakers will pitch per session on the topic of "Share your Community Action Moonshot" individually.

  • Pitch will be given in English.

  • Each speaker will have three minutes to pitch, and receive one question from a judge, making a total stage time for each speaker to be 5 minutes.


Speech Content

Personal Stories 

  • Personal experiences, preferably related to TOMODACHI, in relation to “Share your Community Action Moonshot - Paying it Forward” and why the topic is important for him/her.

  • Challenges and obstacles that you witnessed, how you plan to moonshot the challenges into opportunities, what you see as potential

  • Energy to make action and passion to make changes

Cross-Cultural/Generational Perspectives

  • How your idea will help strengthen the U.S.-Japan relationship

  • Ideas to connect generations and welcome new and old ideas to promote harmonized community where all cultures and generations can co-exist by complimenting each other

Speaker Selection Steps and Timelines

  1. Submit your application.(deadline July 12)

  2. Applications will be reviewed, and the selected applicants will be notified for an interview.  (July 15)

  3. Interview period (July 15 - August 12)

  4. Six finalists will be selected and be invited to speak at the Summit.  (August 12)

What Speakers will receive

​If selected to be one of six speakers at the Next Generation Summit

  • Accommodation at the USJC-designated lodging for the nights of September 28th and 29th, if more than 2 hours of commute is required

  • Travel stipend to cover part of your transportation

  • Complimentary admission to the 2024 NGS

  • Special invitation to the Summit reception with sponsors

  • Highlighted on the NGS website and newsletters

If you become one of three top winners

  • Photo opportunity with the Judges

  • Award Certificate

  • Invitation to speak in front of 1,000 attendees at the USJC Annual Conference (October 31 2024)

  • Accommodation at a Hotel in Shibuya during the USJC Annual Conference (October 28-Nov 1, 4 nights)

  • Complimentary admission to the 2024 USJC Annual Conference

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