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Visionary Voices

Rethinking Workplace Kaizen for Global Jinzai in Japan

These panels champion the impact of cross-generational insights into Japan's Workplace Kaizen. "Visionary Voices" is uniquely structured around two dynamic panel discussions, each designed to explore the future of Japan’s workplace through different lenses: the corporate perspective and the insights of the youth.


Part 1:Corporate Panel

The first part of the panel brings together seasoned corporate leaders from various industries who have successfully gone through or are planning to go through a workplace kaizen to attract and empower globally-minded future leaders. These leaders will share their experiences with implementing these principles, discussing the challenges and successes of fostering continuous improvement within established corporate environments.

Attendees will gain insights into effective strategies for enhancing productivity, innovation, and employee engagement. This session aims to showcase the forward-thinking vision of these corporations to welcome and empower global jinzai. 


Part 2:Next Generation Panel

The second part of the panel shifts focus to the fresh perspectives of young innovators and thinkers. This session is dedicated to exploring how the next generation envisions the evolution of Japan's workplace. Young speakers will present their ideas for incorporating principles into new and emerging industries, as well as their thoughts on how traditional businesses can adapt to the rapidly changing needs of the emerging generation.


This panel will not only highlight innovative ideas but also discuss the role of youth in leading the transformation of workplaces through new technologies, sustainability practices, and inclusive policies.

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