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Next Generation Summit 2023

The TOMODACHI Generation plays a crucial role in shaping the future of U.S.-Japan relations. Hear from speakers who are leaders in their fields, as they share their insights into the state of U.S.-Japan relations, the power of youth involvement, and the potential for this dynamic relationship in the years ahead. This Summit aims to inspire attendees with a vision of what is possible when young people take the reins in international relations and community empowerment, and it will provide a roadmap for the rich and varied discussions to follow.

The Next Generation Summit 2023 will take place in Tokyo on July 1st, 2023.

The Summit is open to the general public, but preference will be given to TOMODACHI alumni and to the donors who have made these opportunities possible. 

The Evening Reception will celebrate 10 years of partnership with Prudential. We honor the remarkable journey we've embarked upon together, a decade-long partnership that has brought to life the TOMODACHI Alumni Leadership Program. This alliance has allowed us to create, develop, and provide opportunities for more than 10,000 alumni, the vibrant members of our "TOMODACHI Generation". Together, we've inspired and motivated these young leaders to give back to society and become active contributors to the U.S.-Japan relationship. 

Celebrating a Decade of Partnership


TOMODACHI Alumni Leadership Program is made possible with the generous support of Prudential since 2014.

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